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good for the best

January 7, 2009

(quality D E M A N D S  quality)

To attract a high-quality woman, a man needs to build a high-quality life for himself.

Sometimes this is hard for a lonely guy to understand. As a man, it’s almost natural to feel as though a great woman will be the answer to all of your problems.

But here’s the ironic part… Although this might seem true, the fact is that the feeling of needing a woman to solve all of your problems creates problems with every woman you meet.

What sort of problems does this create and how important is a good attitude when approaching women?

It’s called neediness, which — you guessed it — also translates into wussiness.

And there is only one cure…

You need to build a life for yourself that gives you internal satisfaction, and you don’t need a woman to do it!

But like they say in the movies… “If you build it… she will come.”

So how do you do this?

Well, first of all, you need to start doing things for yourself.

Develop a social circle that gives you a ton of activities to participate in that you enjoy. Polish relations with your family — do whatever it takes. You’ll feel much better, and more content.

If there are some hobbies that you’ve wanted to take up, go for it. Develop interests outside of picking up women that are exciting for you.

Do some of the things that you’ve been putting off for a long time. If you’ve always wanted to skydive or climb a mountain, make it happen, so you can look back at yourself a year from now and be proud and excited about what you’ve accomplished.

Don’t get too obsessed with learning how to meet women. But do get obsessed with having a great life. That is the key.

How important is a “good attitude” in approaching women?

If you spend a lot time with guys who are “naturally” successful with women, you’ll notice that their attitudes are very different from most “regular” guys’.

One of the biggest lessons you can learn here is that “naturals” always assume a woman wants them, no matter what.

A great way to incorporate this into your behavior is to take every sign a woman gives you as a positive thing. If she looks away while you are talking, it’s a positive thing. She’s probably just trying to look distant because she’s playing hard to get.

If she doesn’t agree with something you say, that’s another good sign.

If she mentions another man while you are talking, even better.

When you truly believe that everything a woman says or does is a positive thing, she has no choice but to pick up on the powerful vibe of confidence you are sending and become very turned on, even if she had negative thoughts about you in the first place.

above is according to david deangelo:

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fact or lies?

January 7, 2009

(Does this happen in real life???)

‘Most men will agree that approaching a woman is probably one of the most stressful situations they can find themselves in. The reason they find it so difficult is that they fear being rejected. This fear is so strong that it causes men to behave in very abnormal ways, such as stuttering like never before or engaging in completely irrational behavior.

For example, I was once standing at a bar when a man leaned over and said, “Whew, would you look at that sexy woman, hmm, I’d sure like to get into her panties.” So I told the guy to go talk to her. But he insisted on having a couple of drinks before moving in on his target.

An hour later, the fellow was still at the bar looking her way. The nice thing was that she too was looking his way and maintaining his gaze. At one point, she even smiled at him. She was giving him all the right signals and her body language was definitely inviting.’

above was from a piece online… does the above ever happen?

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how to start a relationship

January 7, 2009

(everybody wants some tender loving care)

A lot of people have been asking me how to start a relationship with a girl, as they seem to find it very hard to do so. Actually starting a relationship with a girl is not that hard at all; it only depends on whether you know how to do it. Let me just share the steps that you can take to start a relationship with a girl, awesomely.

1. Be awesome at anything; if you are smart, show it off, if you are funny, make her laugh, or if you are good at sports, give a demonstration. Let people know how you are different.

2. Look into places where you can find the ideal girl of yours. If you like sports, do look into places where people do sports.

3. Do not lie to get the girl’s heart. If she finds out that you have lied to her when both of you are in a deeper relationship, she will leave for good.

4. Start by making friend with her. Strong friendship builds the foundation for strong relationship. Talk to her about common interests and keep the conversation going.

5. Take things slowly. Do not be seen as a needy guy. She will think that you are just an annoying friend and you probably don’t want her to think that. That special person might actually ask you over or on a date, which doesn’t necessarily mean that she is into you. Give it time and things could work out. Once you have established ‘first contact’, remember not to squeeze the person.

6. Lastly, do flirt with her. Judge whether she is very open with flirting and play accordingly. Flirting certainly draws attention and can lead to a relationship.

To make it easier for you, make sure the girl is someone you have known for a while. The more history and common grounds you have between the both of you, the easier it gets.

This is what i found online, does it make sense?

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