fact or lies?

(Does this happen in real life???)

‘Most men will agree that approaching a woman is probably one of the most stressful situations they can find themselves in. The reason they find it so difficult is that they fear being rejected. This fear is so strong that it causes men to behave in very abnormal ways, such as stuttering like never before or engaging in completely irrational behavior.

For example, I was once standing at a bar when a man leaned over and said, “Whew, would you look at that sexy woman, hmm, I’d sure like to get into her panties.” So I told the guy to go talk to her. But he insisted on having a couple of drinks before moving in on his target.

An hour later, the fellow was still at the bar looking her way. The nice thing was that she too was looking his way and maintaining his gaze. At one point, she even smiled at him. She was giving him all the right signals and her body language was definitely inviting.’

above was from a piece online… does the above ever happen?

Utah folks, send it your comments


4 Responses to “fact or lies?”

  1. Ms cougar *wink* Says:

    Well, I had to answer. Surprisingly I had the most responsive emails with
    this site. They all live out of my area. In person, I seem to get all the right compliments, but at a bar no one seems to catch me. I am beautiful,.
    divorced, 48 insightful intelligent and talented.

    They run away come back with another bottle of beer when I offered one,
    and they are into me like into their next cigarette. I happen to live in the WORST places and cities to be single ( Los Angeles).

    Worst off I am pressured by a friend into giving out my phone number whenever we go out to a bar.

    I go elsewhere for social and creative activities that are more enriching by myself then being shoved in front of some drunken loser.


  2. commaction Says:

    Thanks for ur comment. Merely curious, how was the sight u mentioned most effective for its responsiveness? Did it help with going out with a man? Or was it that they merely chatted u up?
    As for LA, we have been there, (i am from OC myself) and i think it is a trend to ‘stalk’ out people like urself? no? yes? maybe?
    U seem passionate about them drunken losers!!! To be honest, many younger men have become that way! They just cannot hold a conversation without loosening up!!! Sad huh?
    Look forward to hearing from u again….

  3. Catherine Shores Says:

    Interesting answer. Thanks though, while hitting it on the nail !!
    Liquor is NOT the point . You brought up the bar environment. Does anyone spot any beautiful women at a lecture? or a philosophy meet up? Should we start with the mind first? No one asks me out after introducing myself. I can talk their ears off!!
    We all somehow want to recreate that scenario written in Glamour magazine.
    I enjoyed things like Live Latin Jazz and salsa.
    Here are two examples. Dancers,and Those Not My Type.
    I went to a live latin jazz concert where I would hope to dance with all ages.. an did …by tapping them on the shoulder and asking them myself, and the host announcing to please ask a lady to dance. This was at LACMA

    I went to a loungue iwith my friend in a Jewish Deli near Fairfax and ended up getting hit on and seduced by some 50-60year old 250lb guy massaging me,bragging about his celebrity clientele inLas Vegas
    then locking me into
    his Mercedes and playing a demo tape of someone singing “old man river”
    The best moment I had was talking about Violin concertos and Vivaldi with a musician in an alternative band during open mike night there.
    The purpose was the music, the experience itself.

    About GoCougar, surprisingly enough, there is one guy that has been interested
    in me and is most gracious, engaging, considerate,cultured, succesful and only 29. We have been writing for a month
    I have been even brushing up on my French.
    I haven’t really fit into
    the beauty ideal of Hollywood, L.A. or OC either.
    My friend’s daughter for example, now 43 ended up in Morocco and now married to a younger man from a small village there, all because she took a trip out side of Spain. She is a degreed USC grad, fluent in French, and a social worker. He has an average job and minimal education.
    She dated locally and never hit it off until now.

    You sure did hear back from me.

    Whether one finds it true or not it depends on the individual.
    I was told after age 45 in L.A you are out of the game. My friend’s daughter
    met someone from Arkansas here in Hermosa Beach, and she’s 46.

  4. Catherine Shores Says:

    More from the land of lies.. Life is so fleeting.. Occasionally a cutie would jog or walk by and even say hi.

    Just curious, I don’t live in the UK but can cougars or any woman flirt without booze,night clubs
    and leering stares? What about concerts plays and book signings?

    Even men at my age and older have trouble opening up.. I should carry a timer. 10 minutes tops.
    The art gallery reception setting: With or without the Chardonnay it never
    abates a bloated ego.

    One 60 year old suddenly abondoned me after a bragging session as soon as I returned from the restroom. Another fool cruelly joked I killed the pope
    after I told him I lost the medal I brought in Rome. He then left after that.

    This time you REALLY heard more from me.

    In fact though, I have been chatted up alot by visiting Brits in L.A. than Americans, they are alot more fun and are adventurous.

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